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A Perfect Fit for IT Professionals

Today’s secure environment will have vulnerabilities in it tomorrow, so an organization cannot allow itself to become complacent. With organizations increasingly relying on digitized information and sharing vast amounts of data across the globe, they have become easier targets for many different forms of attack. As a result, every company’s day-to-day operations, data and intellectual property are seriously at risk. In a corporate context, a cyber attack can not only damage your brand and reputation, it can also result in loss of competitive advantage, create legal/regulatory noncompliance and cause steep financial damage

Key Takeaways

The objective of this 2 Day Professional Certification is to provide practical and usable information to professionals on how to protect both infrastructure and data from the destruction of cyber terrorism and associated cyber crimes. At the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles and philosophies of cyber terrorism and how individuals and corporations can be targeted

  • Identify possible threats facing your organization information assets and infrastructure

  • Provide your organization with complete assessment of organizational security policy, design and implementation.

  • What are legal constraints on cyber warfare

  • Main defense strategy

  • Have a working knowledge of the current risks, threats and exposures facing 21st century organizations doing business in virtual global marketplaces

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