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About Us


Global Education Academy (GEA) is a trusted leading accredited training organisation providing workforce solutions, uncovering people’s potential to the benefit of businesses and individuals. 


Established in 2013, GEA specialises in customised high touch and high impact executive interventions as well as Government-funded courses which serves small, medium and large organisations and the public-at-large. 


At GEA, we believe in helping organisations build capabilities for the future and inspiring individuals towards lifelong learning. Since inception, GEA has seen the transformation and upskilling of over 10,000 individuals across organisations and the society at large; and still counting…

Our Values

Value Creation

We focus on providing sustainable solutions and building long-term relationships with our clients, stakeholders and the communities we operate in by being responsive and relevant.


We hold ourselves to be ethically unyielding and instil trust by delivering on promise and leaving no ambiguity between our words and behaviours.


We maintain an agile mindset through our ways of operating, embrace and adapt to the ever-changing landscape by staying attune and relevant to the technological advances and social economical conditions.


We value diversity and respect the ideas and opinions of all our stakeholders through empathetic active listening; working as a united team to collaborate with our stakeholders and achieve mutual benefit. 


We hold ourselves accountable in fulfilling our promises to our clients, stakeholders and the communities we operate in by doing the right things the right way, in a sustainable and collaborative manner.

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